Social Media Consultation

Social Media Consultation

Does social media have a seat at the main table?

If you’re still saying “oh, and we’re also active on social media,” you’re behind the curve.

If Twitter is your social media platform of choice, you’re behind the curve.


If you’re not speaking visually to your users, especially your under 21-year-old audience, the curve has passed you by.

Pulling from entertainment, news, and brand marketing, Smart College Group looks at your audience and analytics, and creates platform and demographic-based campaigns to suit your messaging needs.

We’ll gather your social media stakeholders, brainstorm and organize your events, and create a 12- to 18-month calendar of messaging.

Need help actually putting the content together? We can do that too. Let’s discuss your needs, and how we can help behind the scenes.

Contact us for more information on setting up an individualized social media consultation for your team.

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