IP Targeting

IP Targeting


What is IP Targeting?

IP, or Internet Protocol, is an address associated with an internet connection, and that information can be matched up to physical addresses.

Targeting just the specific households that match certain parameters set by you — location, interests, major, timeframe — we can pinpoint your campaigns to the students who are the best matches for your programs.

This is the future of online advertising — it’s advertising that is relevant to the individual.

Smart College Group partners with El Toro, the software developer who holds the world’s only one-to-one 100% cookie-free IP Targeting solution. El Toro matches physical addresses to IP addresses with up to 95% accuracy. Other marketing software firms use cookies, but El Toro uses verified offline data, reducing the potential of non-human bot traffic. Their software serves up nearly 3x the industry standard CTR.

Think of IP Targeting as direct mail online, with very few wasted dollars or impressions.

We can target your contacts via lists you already have, or using geolocation parameters. We’ll work with you to decide the best strategies and plans dependent on your needs.

El Toro Case Studies:

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