Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Smart Emailing for Higher Education

SCG brings a wealth of development experience across all media including social, web, print, mobile, articles, and … yes, still emails.

We believe — even with all of the other communications tools available in the marketplace today — that email resides at the heart of a cohesive student-facing campaign. Studies show that while students may not read emails the way their parents do (immediately), they do save emails and return to them, in their own time. While it can’t be the ONLY method of communicating with students, it is a piece of a larger plan.

It’s not one or the other: It’s a both/and. Emails, texting, social. Meet students on their terms and give them a choice.

Using Your Marketing Budget Strategically

  • Targeted Email Communications
  • Social Media Advertising and A/B Testing
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Lead Generation Strategies
  • Website Behavior Tracking
  • Reporting and List Management
  • Event Registration Systems
  • Student Search

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